48pt Floriated Caps (drop cap fount)


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Sometimes known as ‘Gill Floriated’, one sort was designed by Eric Gill as a drop cap for use on a specimen of Monotype’s newly-commissioned Perpetua. Monotype liked the design, and the Type Drawing Office extended it to an entire typeface.

This is a relatively weak ‘drop cap’ fount, ideal for use as drop cap initials on broadsides or pamphlets; it’s not too large to be used on an Adana 8×5, or similarly sized tabletop press. One each of the A R X Y T and Q sorts has been kerned and has a supporting high space, to allow for closer setting in composition.

As with all our type, it will be packed with board on the face and foot, wrapped in kraft paper, then bubblewrap, and finally in more kraft paper.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7.5 cm